I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

- ISWID Opens in France July 6th:
Paris -
Gaumont Gobelins
Lincoln Champs Elysées
Entrepôt (15°)

Other cities -
Le Mans
Pathe Club Grenoble

- ISWID Opens in Ireland April 15th:
UCG -Dublin
Star Century - Dublin
Eye Cinema - Galway
Reel Picture - Blackpool Cork
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- ISWID DVD Release
Momentum release I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Rental - May 2nd. Retail - May 23rd.
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- Get Carter tops British Film Poll
Critics vote Hodges' Get Carter greatest British film of all time
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- Shy Master of the Movie Thriller
Terrence Rafferty piece on Mike Hodges in NY Sunday Times
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- Ads
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Press Adverts added to the site
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- Dangerous Dandies
Ryan Gibley feature in the Independent
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- The Return of the Outsider
Gavin Lambert Guardian feature on Mike Hodges
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- NFT interview Mike Hodges
The Geoff Andrew interview with Mike Hodges is now live on the NFT website
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- Malcolm McDowell
Feature in The Guardian, Sat 24th April.
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David Thomson's documentary will have it's first airing on Tuesday, May 4 @ 8.30pm on BBC4.

- Face to Face: Mike Hodges
Dazed and Confused interview with Mike Hodges
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- Dead Simple
Time Out artice by Geoff Andrew
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- "A consummate work of art worthy of endless contemplation"
Forthcoming issue of Film Comment includes a four-page article/review of ISWID by Gary Indiana
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- Interview with Charlotte Rampling
From April Harpers and Queen
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- Sylvia Syms Season
At the NFT throughout April
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- Black For Good
Article by David Mamet in the Guardian (Nov, 2003)
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- Invasion of the movie snatchers
Article by John Patterson in the Guardian (Sep, 2003) which includes mention Get Carter and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
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"A Superb Piece of Modern Noir"